Weddings in Ibiza

Ibiza was host to an unprecedented amount of weddings on the island and our IBIZA WEDDING PLANNERS were trusted to organize a large proportion of them.

The combination of a short and inexpensive flight, stunning hotels, fine weather and breathtaking locations makes the paradise island of Ibiza the perfect backdrop for that Special Day and the IBIZA WEDDING PLANNING team continue to prove themselves as the island’s first choice by organizing your dream wedding in true Ibiza Style, with imagination, flair and efficiency.
From Beach Weddings, Romantic Weddings, Same-Sex Weddings, Gaia Wedding Ceremonies to VIP Style Weddings in Ibiza, their wedding services include all that is required to make your dream wedding come true.
From the best wedding location, the most beautiful wedding ceremony, a wedding reception with perfect trendy
catering and decorations, when desired wedding transportation up to the most beautiful wedding bouquet and wedding cake, everything is completely taken care of by your IBIZA WEDDING PLANNERS.
All packages can be customized and extended with: music, entertainment, dinner, video report, accommodation, spa treatments etc.
* In Ibiza it is not possible yet, to legally marry, if you are not domiciled in Spain !!

Having had experience in TV Production, Interior Design, Advertising and Events, working in Amsterdam and London, the team know a little about high creative standards, customer satisfaction and working within a budget.

We have the contacts, we know the locations, we have the style, so if you’re thinking about Ibiza for your wedding, think about the IBIZA WEDDING PLANNER.


IBIZA WEDDINGS – WEDDING PLANNERS organize stylish  dream weddings on paradise island Ibiza